30 week Needle and Syringe cycle pack

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x30 Green needles 21g 0.8 x 40mm (1.5inch) - for drawing up from the vial
x30 Blue or Orange injection needles (choose size from the pop down menu)
x30 2ml or 5ml BD syringes 

x30 Pre-injection 70% IPA Alcohol Wipes


Discreet packaging guaranteed!

Sent in a brown bubbled envelope and the only thing written on it is your name & address, unless opened you can't tell what is inside. 

All syringes are made by Becton & Dickinson (BD), needles are sent at random but it will always be a highly reputable brand such as BD, B.Braun, Terumo etc. to ensure as smooth and painless injection as it gets


Long expiry date: ~2023+

EU and CE certified 

Individually packed  

Single use only 


Free 1st Class delivery  
Dispatched within 48h (working days)