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This is a single-use testing kit for Anavar & Winstrol testing only. To test any other substances, check out other kits.

If you would like to know exact dosages (mg/ml) - check out our Lab Analysis)

Instructions: Split the pill into four parts. Take one and crush it into fine powder. Drop around half of the powder inside the vial. The colour change has to be observed at 15 minute mark, later the colour will get darker making the results harder to interpret. The test was calibrated to detect small amounts, adding more will negatively affect test results.

 Results: There are two colour marks on the testing vial, one shows you which colour Anavar should turn (oxandrolone) and the other for Winstrol (stonozolol). Simply, compare the colour of the liquid inside the vial with the colour mark  after exactly 15mins. No colour change means the pill is fake. 

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*Please note:

1. This testing kit does not contain any steroids or illegal substances. It simply detects presence of the substance put into it.

2. Unfortunately due to legal reasons, we cannot confirm your results via pictures/videos. If the colours are not matching, you do not have what it says on the label. Check the colour chart to see if something else is matching. If nothing is matching, you might have a mix of compounds but the only way to confirm this would be through the lab analysis.

3. You only receive the testing kit vials, instructions and colour chart are NOT sent with the order. All the info you need is written above. 

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